Discord Bot for Euro 2020 - 2021

The best Football bot on Discord
now also makes it possible to
get live scores sent to your server's channels for the
EURO 2020 / 2021 championship!

The bot outputs live events into your channel Football Nation bot live score example

Easy installation

It never was easier to follow big football events via Discord.
Just add the bot to your server and run the command
fn!live uefa-euro-2020

Youtube tutorial

Watch this video showing you how to activate the EURO 2020 live scores in the Football Nation bot. It's easier then you think :)

After watching the tutorial you will now start receiving updates in your Discord server for all events relating the EURO 2020 football championship.
Currently events being sent are:
- Match starts
- Half time
- Second half starts
- Goals (regular, own goals and penalties)
- VAR goal cancels

Can I get live scores for other football leagues and teams?

Yes the Football Nation bot serves live scores for more then 20 leagues and cups. You can check out the bot's main landing page.

Support for activating EURO 2020 in the Discord Football Bot

If you have trouble getting the live scores for EURO 2020 going you can reach out to us for help via the Football Nation support server.
You can also just join the server to talk about the euros or football in general.

Click here for an invite